E​.​asy P.

by Jordan Hallmark

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Songs written at Mom's circa 2012-2013


released January 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Jordan Hallmark Boone, North Carolina

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Track Name: big boppa
even out the weight or she's likely to break and fade
what a shame that'd be

I come from folks who both create
built their lives off things that they've made
I can only hope to do the same
Track Name: you make me smile
in the night on top our bikes the city provides the light
we've got time why not ride awhile
don't the air feel fine
I've got the chills lining up to make their way on down my spine
you'll be my friend until the day I die
you make me smile
Track Name: Stones Throw
I know I'll never know exactly where this road
where she's likely to lead me, which way I'm likely to go
the only thing I've ever known is that I want you close
within a stones throw or even close enough to hold
but I'm sticking to the east side as you're off to the west coast
for a bit of time on your own
to give me mine to grow
but I won't go
Track Name: concerning her heart
such a delicate plate one that would undoubtedly break
if I had a hold, I thought I saw you look this way
don't give it up to a shiftless wretch who isn't ready for love
stick it out till you find the one who lifts you up
please don't give in even at the bare and dark bottom of your loneliness
is only what you make of it
if that's the case then you should find the thing to fill the hole in -
it's often made giving up your love is such a common mistake
it's best to avoid that which causes the heart to break

it burns my skin to the bone to see such a lovely lady
crawl on the floor
beg all you please but I will leave you there
down on your knees

that moment might come but that moment will surely be gone
when you feel it hit look to the clock to get your fix
take your time before you get yourself hitched
cause I've been looking out for me trying to play the part
when it's more about her and my concern for her heart...
Track Name: shiftlessness
it's probably time to get up and get on these plans I've drawn
the sun at dawn peaks above, comes right around and leaves me
with nothing done

the monkey mind makes its way back and forth across the stage
it keeps me here, I pass the blame
it's the reason why I'll probably stay

the door sits on it's hinge, making miles with every inch
just enough to let it in, a little light lines my den
which brings me back to where I'd been
before I gave it all up so I could tend to being shiftless

the river runs like a tireless child
I watch the ride there at it's side
Track Name: Concrete
Keep out... Well, bullshit - I'll kick in your fence if I can't get over it
Whatever it takes to get in
We's wanna skate
We're trying to ride
Them girls be calling "Hi" when we pass them by but we ain't got time
We'd rather skate

Me and my pal, we make one mighty fine team
strutting our shit like we's royalty
him and my board's about all I need
Lets go get lost out in the city

Run red lights, and stop signs
I'll show you how to fly with no wings
I'll show you how without ever leaving your feet

I tripped and hit the concrete, 13, blacked out on crowded streets
say sweet dreams, a lady screams, I ripped my jeans from seam to seam
and scraped my knee, which bleeds, if momma sees that's it for me
that's just my luck which sucks, but I'm gonna get back up...

Me and my pal, we want to live our dreams
One day I say we'll both be kings
This is our home, you can't make us leave
We belong out on the concrete

Me and my pal, we make one mighty fine team
strutting our shit like we's royalty
him and my board's about all I need
Lets go get lost out in the city

Bring your jacket, it's getting nippy